My college job was pretty fun

When I was in college,  I worked in the maintenance department at a local hotel. It was a convenient way for me to earn extra money while I still taking classes. I gained a lot of knowledge about home repairs and upkeep while I worked there. The issue I  had to deal with the most was malfunctions with air conditioners. Each room at the hotel was equipped with its own cooling unit, so there was continually a cooling system in need of some service. If I wasn’t replacing an air filter, I was cleaning out air vents. If I wasn’t cleaning a cooling coil, a thermostat had broken down. Keeping up with the cooling systems on the property honestly took up ninety percent of our time. I would often get exhausted with the constant stream of air conditioning system difficulties, but I’m glad that I learned how to properly care for A/C units. Now that I have a house of my own, I know how to maintain a  cooling system in peak condition. I never call a professional for repair. This has saved me a lot of money over the years. In fact, I don’t expect I’ll need the help of an HVAC serviceman until I need to replace the cooling system altogether. When I accepted the job at the hotel I assumed it would be a way to earn some spending money until I graduated. I ended up learning a lot. I know how to take good care of my air conditioning system. I keep it running at its best.