My friends are great

Occasionally the world works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s pretty hard to explain the series of events that occur that make a major impact on our lives. Take my meeting my husband for instance, I was invited to an open house of a coworker that I barely knew, and there I met my future husband,  Normally I wouldn’t have gone to the party but my friend didn’t want to go alone. I found myself in a brand new, amazingly relationship that eventually led to marrying my best friend. A similar thing happened when we were house hunting. We stumbled upon a house by accident on a hot rainy day and it turned out to be the perfect day to see this house. We had been looking at homes for quite a while and our realtor was out of town.  We were out for a drive and saw an open house sign. Thank goodness we stopped because if we hadn’t we may never have known that the house needed a new HVAC system. This surprise stop wound up entirely working to our advantage, as the house was really affected by the external air conditions in some major ways. For starters, the upper level was ridiculously hot and humid, indicating that we needed to worry about upgrading the HVAC system or at the very least the ductwork in that area. Then we headed to the basement and it was really cold and damp.  The musty odor of mildew and mold told us that we should plan on buying dehumidifying systems, and maybe even an air purification system if we decided to put in a offer on the house. After much discussion we decided to go for it and we really love the house. We did negotiate the price down based on the condition of the HVAC system and we couldn’t be happier with the new, upgraded system that we had installed.

HVAC service plan