No air is flowing through the home

My mom is a great lady and a wonderful HVAC technician. My mom was a tomboy, and was good with her hands since she was a kid. She began fixing things for fun, so it only made sense that she would go into the HVAC repair business. She’s the one who taught me everything I know about HVAC repair, which she learned on her own or through her schooling. It came as no surprise to anyone when I decided to join the family business. I had inherited my mother’s handiness and was good at fixing things, so HVAC repair came naturally. I went to school to be an HVAC technician, and learned how to fix everything from air conditioning units to furnaces and space heaters. After I completed my schooling, my mom even included my name in the name of our family business. Unfortunately, though, it seems that I can’t venture out from my mom’s shadow. Everyone in town seems to know my mom well, and they all love her. People are constantly scheduling appointments for HVAC repair, and she can barely keep up. I’ve taken some of these appointments for her, but when I show up to the appointment, people always seem disappointed. Even with my skills and knowledge, people know my mom does a good job, so they want her to be their HVAC technician. I almost wish I could’ve worked for another HVAC company so that I wouldn’t have to worry about living up to her expectations. Hopefully my love for HVAC repair will show through and I will be as successful as my mom.

HVAC installation