Oiling up the components

I will be taking a trip with my mother to a foreign country that is much colder than we are used to. I’ve warned her multiple times about the cold there, but she doesn’t believe it. She insists on packing t-shirts, shorts and swim wear even though I tell her that she will need warmer clothes. I will be keeping warm in the iciness of that country in my long sleeves, pants and hiking gear.  It’s extremely windy there and the skies are usually grey, but no matter what I tell my mom she doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t think an entire country could not have A/C, but there really is no need for it when the temperature stays below sixty. It’s mainly in the forties all year long. The rental car we have only has heat, there is no A/C in it either. As do all the hotels, ours has a separate gas heater that only increases the temperature in the room. Each restaurant has its own way of keeping warm air flowing, but she doesn’t see how that’s possible. I think she envisions warm afternoons where air conditioning is required. Since I have visited there before, I know that is not the case. She might be onto something though. With all that heat everywhere we go, she might be more comfortable than me! I bet she wouldn’t want to spend much time outside in the street, though.

JTR air and heat