Radon removal

I grew up in a hundred year old farm house.  It is located in the middle of fields and pastures. I loved my childhood.  I always worked hard on the farm. My friends and I had all sorts of adventures. It was a great way to grow  up. However, once I was a senior in high school, I realized I needed to get away. That small neighborhood just didn’t provide much opportunity and I didn’t want to run the family farm my entire life.  I decided to go to college out of state and major in technology for aircrafts. Eighteen years later, I have an awesome job working on building airplanes. I am employed by a private firm. I have great benefits and make a generous salary.  When I discovered that mom and dad were trying to sell the farm because they couldn’t afford the upkeep, I knew I had to step in and help. My parents are elderly and tired of handling all the day-to-day responsibilities involved in running the farm.  I ended up buying the place outright from them. They still live on the farm. When I walked through the house on a visit, I saw that there was a need for some major upgrades. I hired a contractor who noticed a bunch of cracks and holes in the foundation.  He checked and found that this damages was allowing radon gas into the house. Radon gas is very real threat to safety and health. I didn’t know how long the radon gas had been leaking into the house, but my parents were healthy. I am thankful this issue was properly taken care of.

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