Relaxation is key

Last month, I was sitting at my desk and trying to look busy.  I wasn’t in the mood to work that day, but I had to put up a good front of pretense.  All of a sudden, one of my co-workers began to scream. We had a small space heater that was used to help with the heating in the office and it was smoking.  I watched as another co-worker grabbed his water bottle and he was going to douse the heater to stop it from flaming up. I slapped his hand, knowing that it was still plugged in and afraid of how the water could splatter the oil in the machine, and it could cause anyone in the way of the electrical current to be electrocuted.  One of the managers had the forethought to have a powder filled fire extinguisher and he sprayed it on the space heater. The problem now was that the air was filled with smoke and powder chemicals and we could not breathe. I couldn’t believe that the manager could decide whether or not to send everyone home. I was already grabbing my personal items and heading out the door when he made the decision.  We came back the next day, and the air was clear, thanks to the air purifier, but the odor of the burning heater still lingered. The next day, the owner of the building sent out a sitewide email telling everyone that space heaters are no longer allowed inside the building. Now, we can only hope that he follows this up and realized that he really needs to update the heating system.