Shopping for some new things

I’m an old school sort of girl, I would say with confidence. I prefer anything in addition to everything vintage on earth. My home was built back in the early 1900’s, in addition to I prefer it to be that way. I care about to decorate in a undoubtedly vintage style. My partner in addition to I try to drive a 1955 car. Both of us collect in addition to sell antique furniture, board games, in addition to signs. Both of us recently opened up our own private antique store in our small, country town. I’ll admit, though, one of the only things that I prefer about our new world is the technology it has regularly given us. Both our partner in addition to I have had our own smartiPhones for a while which keep us modern on the world’s problems. The a single new convenience that I have to say the two of us don’t have, which is shocking to most people we meet, is electricity throughout the entire house. Because, of course, the two of us have no electricity downstairs, the two of us have no operational A/C either. This makes the Summer months incredibly hot and dreadful. I prefer going to neighborhood to buy groceries as much as possible because I recognize that the store will be cool in addition to air conditioned. The same goes for our partner, who also abuses the local AC. Both of us have been trying to find an AC/heater that runs solely on liquid gas, but the two of us haven’t had any luck yet. I hope to soon find something to relieve the heat. I prefer residing the way the two of us do, but I hope the two of us can also find an A/C soon so that the two of us can better find delight our time at home.

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