Spending the night at home

I have always loved going to the theater to see movies. When I was a little kid, my aunt would come pick me up on the weekends and take me to see a movie. It was special time that we had just the two of us, and I enjoyed seeing a lot of different movies. We didn’t always see kids movies, but we always had a lot of fun. My Aunt would take me out to lunch, and we always went somewhere different. No matter what we ate, she always made me try a bite. I had to eat grouper, octopus, and alligator tail. None of those were very tasty to me. As an adult, I still love going to the movies over the weekend. My girlfriend and I visit the same theater each weekend. Last weekend, we were ready to go see the new action movie. It was freezing outside, and the snow was just starting to fall.My girlfriend looked at me and asked if we could just stay in and rent a movie. It was miserable outside, and staying ¬†home seemed like a fine idea. Wemade a cozy fire in the fireplace, and popped a bag of popcorn. We ordered pizza from our favorite italian restaurant. The fireplace was crackling, and the environment felt really warm and relaxing. When the fireplace started to die down, my girlfriend added more wood. We watched a rental on comcast, and enjoyed sitting under a blanket. The fireplace was much more romantic than a room full of crowded movie patrons, and I was glad we had stayed home.

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