Summer is not fun

My kids have a little playhome in the backyard built by their grandfather. That was many years ago when it was first built, and it’s the cutest tiny home! It’s basically a tiny version of our own house. It has pale white siding, black shutters, as well as a deep blue door – just like the home that we live in. Yes, the only thing that wasn’t included in the design is a Heating and A/C system. No insulation and few windows makes the little home into a sweatbox in no time during the Summer. Still, my kids still want to go into the home and play, even though it gets so hot in there that they sweat out all their energy for the day. It’s not a problem in the Winter since they rarely want to go out there to play, but in the Summer they tend to spend a good deal of time outside and in that house! It sure would be nice if they could go into the playhome to hang out as well as enjoy themselves in the cool air. After trying to talk my partner into somehow installing a window cooling system in the home just to provide them some relief from the heat, he says that there’s no window cooling system that can fit the area. I wish we’d thought about this back when the little building was just a blueprint! If we’d known then, we would’ve made the playhouse much cooler or breathable in some form or fashion.

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