That is tough to handle

I made a deal for a beach house a few months ago plus the seller’s said he was alright with it! So, now for the 1st time ever I am under deal for a lake house. The person that I am working with told me that I get a lake house check up, including an HVAC inspection for free. HVAC is 1 of the most expensive items in the home, so it makes sense to make certain the a/c, gas furnace, plus air ducts are in working order before you say yes to buying a home. We just got the results the other week, plus needless to tell you, I am absolutely not sure what I am seeing! The write-up from the dealer says that the a/c is going okay, however oozing water from the air handler in the device is no good. The AC component is also considered to be rusty and low on freon. The outdoor AC component of the a/c is running well. The owner of the lake house says that the a/c machine was just looked over plus that the coolant has been recently replaced; however, the a/c device is absolutely aged though. It might have a crack in it though plus I am not sure that the owner isn’t being totally truthful with me. I know I need to find out whether or not the break is significant enough to get an air conditioner business in to fix it. The last thing that I want is to purchase a lake house plus then have to immediately swap out the entire a/c unit.

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