That temperature change is difficult

I remember a few weekdays ago when our wifey plus I went out to go see a up-to-date film that just came out. That theatre sure was full. I can never get past the prices they charge for snacks plus popcorn there! It seems completely ridiculous for me to spend money the same as I would spend for a delicious steak or seafood dinner for some popcorn plus snacks. Well, they absolutely continue to get away with it because I purchased plenty of popcorn plus some snacks for our obese wifey plus I. While the two of us were sitting through the film, all was going well plus it was a good film! Unfortunately, the projector experienced some sort of malfunction with the air conditioning unit in the projection room. It started to get particularly hot through the place, as the two of us were in the summer season season. It must have been 90 degrees outside. The theatre whad been quite cool when the two of us walked in, but by the time we reached the middle of that film it was so blazing hot plus humid in there! I couldn’t lay it anymore because it was ruining the film for us. All of us made several complaints plus got our currency back. They also gave us free tickets to our next film. I was still hopping mad about the air conditioning plan breakdown spoiling the film; I didn’t even get to watch the whole movie! I got over it though plus was at least cheerful about the free tickets. All of us went back to the theater the following weekend to the same theatre. I thought it was smart for them to provide us a few free tickets, because they knew the two of us would be coming back. With us coming back to the theater … the two of us purchased more snacks plus popcorn for a jaw-dropping price again! That’s how they get you… Well the air conditioning was sure repaired in the venue plus I was particularly cheerful with their air quality. I was satisfied with the whole experience but I had to watch the film once again.

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