The heater is a complex unit

I am a huge baseball fan, so I try to catch as many of my hometown team’s games as I can.  I don’t live in my hometown anymore, so this isn’t always easy. The city I live in now does have a baseball team, and my home team plays here several times a year. I always get great tickets to those games so I can cheer for them. I catch a lot of slack from my friends for cheering for the “wrong team”, but that’s ok with me. Last month my home team was in town and I was able to get great seats right by their side of the dugouts. I was super excited to be there because all my favorite players were right in front of me. Since they were the visiting team, the ticket process were even less. The game started at four in the afternoon when the temperature was over ninety degrees. Soon after, the skies darkened and I was hoping the rain would hold off until late in the game. In the midst of the heat, it started lightning close to the field so the game was put on hold for a bit. Lightning here is nothing to mess with; when it starts they will postpone a game right away. They announced a two-hour rain delay, so I headed to the bar across the street for a beer and to cool off in the A/C. It was still really hot outside, so the A/C was great. About half an hour later the rain came. I was thankfully able to keep dry and cool inside the bar, but two hours later it cleared up and we were back to the game.       

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