The hottest days of the year

I was born and raised smack in the middle of the midwest part of the country.  In this region it was very hot in the summer and could be very cold in the winter.  We also had to keep one eye on the sky in case of tornados. I spent almost every weekend and all summer working on my grandparents farm.  It was a simple but hard working life without many luxuries. My grandparents had only had indoor plumbing for a few years. They had a gas furnace in the living room which was the center of the house. There were not any air vents for the furnace. The heat from the one unit would heat the whole house.  My grandmother always kept a big coffee can full of water on the top of the furnace to help humidify the air. They had never had air conditioning. My grandparents were about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and their children which include my mother had decided to get them a big window air conditioning unit as a present. My father was in charge of installing it. At first my grandfather was opposed to the whole concept of air conditioning.  I heard him say once when the A/C unit was being stalled “why do we need one of these? We have never really needed one before!” My grandmother just told him to be quiet as she had already decided that she loved this new thing blowing cool air into her warm home. It didn’t take long until my grandfather came around to loving the new A/C as well. He would come in from the fields for lunch in the summer and take a nice cool nap on his sofa before heading back out to work in the fields.  

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