The office building

Do you know that feeling when you know it is going to be a perfect day and everything just suddenly fall apart.  That’s what happened to my husband and I last weekend. We spent months dreaming of our beautiful weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  We had it all planned out, and we were going to go to this beautiful B&B that was located near the beach. I looked at it several times, and it took us a couple of weeks to decide on this one.  We loved the Victorian vibe of the house. There was a wrap-around porch that had the perfect amount of shading . There were old oak trees surrounding the house. Moss and ivy hung from the branches of the home giving it the old Southern charm appeal.  It looked like it could have come right out of the pages of a book written about the late 1700 and 1800’s. The rooms were stunning, and I was thrilled to see that there were old clawfoot tubs in every room. We pulled up to the house, and it was magnificent.  We got into the house, and I was ready to cry. It was so hot inside, that I felt like I was going to melt. The sweat broke out on me, and I was upset. I asked about the air conditioning and when it was going to be fixed, and she asked me what air conditioning.  Nowhere in the brochure had she mentioned there being air conditioning. I had just assumed there would be AC. We are in the south. She wanted an authentic feel and didn’t have any AC in the entire house. If we hadn’t paid a non-refundable deposit, I would have walked right back out.

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