The rent is out of control

I made an offer for a house a few weeks ago and the seller’s accepted! So, now for the first time ever I am under contract for a home purchase. The realtor that I am working with suggested that I get a home inspection, including an HVAC inspection. HVAC is one of the most costly items in the home, so it makes sense to make sure the air conditioner, heating system, and ventilation are in working order before you commit to buying a home. We just go the results today, and needless to say, I am very confused! The write-up from the inspector says that the air conditioner is cooling, but leaking water from the air handler in the attic. The unit is also considered “dirty” and “rusty.” The outdoor component of the air conditioner is running properly. The owner of the home says that the A/C unit was just serviced and that the refrigerant has been recently replaced; however, the unit is very old. It might have a leak in it though and I am concerned that the owner isn’t being totally honest with me. I guess I need to find out whether or not the leakage is significant enough. The last thing that I want is to buy a home and then have to immediately replace the entire air conditioning system. I am thinking about modifying my offer for a little bit less considering this new information. I am going to talk to my realtor about it later today and see if she thinks that this is a good idea.

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