the road trips are a bit different

Road trips across the United States are a lot of fun and a great way to experience different cultures, see a wide variety of landscapes, and experience weather of all kinds. For example, in one state in particular, you can feel the highest and lowest temperatures all in one day. It’s amazing that in certain areas you can go snow skiing one day and surfing the next. All the different climates also means all kinds of natural phenomena likes hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, droughts, and wildfires. Being from one area, such as the south, you really can appreciate other parts of the country and cooler, drier climates. Other regions, like the north, look forward to warming up and the snow melting. Because the weather and climate vary drastically across the country, each region has varying heating and cooling needs. For example, in the south, central heat and air is common and almost a necessity. Most homes have some form of air conditioning and heating to cope with the drastic highs and lows in temperature. But in northern regions, you may not even have an air conditioning unit; and instead of central heat, you may have a large furnace or space heaters to heat your apartment or house. In some parts of the country, the local restaurants and businesses have changed from central air to large individual room air conditioners. They work great to keep the rooms cool when needed but don’t require as much installation. In my opinion though, nothing beats a good central heating and cooling system that you can control with a simple dial.

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