The winter flew by

I never once in my life thought that “roughing it” would be a wonderful thing. I’m not exactly a low repair person, in that I like having the basics of current life at my fingertips. I don’t need a tune, although I pleasure hot showers, wash beds, as well as sufficient temperature control in my residences. I think that sounds straightforward, but somehow I’ve been cursed in all of these areas for a few years. One year my entire water furnace broke down on more than three occasions, so I had to learn how to live separate from any water heat whatsoever, during those dark times, I took the fastest showers of my entire life. There was also a series of weeks when rodents took up residence in my ventilation idea as well as I had critter droppings falling out of my air vents all the time. My bed was positioned directly under an overhead air vent, so the squirrel poop as well as dander was constantly raining down on my bed, making it a immense disgusting critter toilet. Finally, for whatever reason my AC unit has recently decided it wants a life of luxury – as in, my central cooling idea has stopped actually working for the most part. Starting last Spring, my AC cuts in as well as out depending on how the wind blows. I finally resorted to powering the entire AC unit down entirely, as well as I’ve lived separate from any central cooling power for over many weeks now. None of my other household troubles have ever been a blessing in disguise – but having a busted cooling idea has resulted in enormous energy savings! Besides being able to afford a new AC unit soon, I’m also going on a cruise!

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