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When my fiance and I first got married, we lived on a really thought out budget.  We decided to buy a cute small house on a nice piece of land by the beach. Because the house was so small, it was really straight-forward to maintain and keep clean.  I was able to disinfect and scrub the entire house in under an hour. We spent really little on our yearly heating and cooling bills for the small home. As we had more children, the house became too small and cramped.  We’d added three children, two cats plus a hamster, and really needed to put on an addition. We decided to build an additional space to the house which would provide three more bedrooms plus a full family room. Figuring out how to handle the temperature control was a challenge.  The existing house is heated and cooled by a central forced air system, which relies on air duct. We considered extending the air duct to the addition, however this would have been a sizable, costly and labor-intensive process for our family. Plus, my husband doubted the new furnace and a/c were capable of handling the extra square footage.   After consulting with our favorite local Heating and A/C business, my fiance and I chose a ductless mini-split to provide both heating plus cooling. There is a single outdoor component which links to an indoor air handler installed in each room. The separate air handlers allow zoned heating/cooling, which means that each room can be set to an independent temperature.  We avoid heating or cooling empty rooms, and the older kids can tailor comfort to their preferences. I like that the ductless system is compact, quiet and charmingly energy efficient. It has been the perfect solution, providing ideal temperature all year round, separate from costing us a fortune.