These imperfections are tough

I grew up in an outdated farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. I was happy with my childhood.  It was filled with hard work on the farm and all sorts of fun with my friends whenever I could get free time. It was a good time, but when  I graduated from high school, I knew I needed to get out of there. That small town didn’t offer much and I wasn’t interested in running the family farm my entire life.  My ambition was to go to school far away and pursue something technical for a living. Now, 12 years later, I have an awesome job. I work on the electronics for spaceships. I am employed by a private company which offers numerous benefits including a large salary.  When I heard that my parents were planning to sell the farm because they couldn’t afford it anymore, I stepped in and bought. My parents are elderly and weren’t able handle all the tasks involved with running the farm anymore. I hired a work crew to handle the day-to-day responsibilities.  My parents still live on the farm. When I went for a visit and checked things over, I found that the house needed a lot of work. There were a serious amount of cracks and holes in the foundation. I hired a professional contractor to take care of it, and he found radon gas. Radon gas is downright dangerous.  It can cause lung cancer. I have no idea how long the radon gas had been leaking into the house. I am relieved that my parents are healthy and safe, and the problem with the radon has been taken care of.

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