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Well, I’ve gone and done it again. I overstepped your boundaries, and now I’m paying for it. This is why I don’t cut the rules or lie – it’s too stressful and it always catches up with me anyways! Let me back up and try to explain myself here. My concerns began Last week when our guy invited me to come down to his parents’ home with him for a few afternoons. Both of us adore to party with his family, and they have a particularly attractive home in the tropical south, so I happily agreed to the invitation. The only thing is, apparently every other visit to their home has been while in the colder weather weeks of the year. I realized this pretty hastily when the two of us walked into their house, and the indoor air temperature was just as tepid as the untreated outdoor air. At first I thought something must be wrong with their AC system, however I was polite and kept our discomfort to myself. I figured that the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals would be arriving any time, and the situation would be rectified soon enough. As nighttime approached, however, it became clear that I was mistaken. That’s when I realized that the indoor air temperature was intentional, and they had the temperature control set to 68 degrees! I knew I would never be able to fall asleep in those temperatures, however I also didn’t want to insult them by asking to change the temperature control.. So I snuck over and did it myself. Since the two of us had a separate air temperature control, I figured they would never know the difference. A few afternoons after the two of us left, however, that expectation was disproven. They texted and said the whole AC idea had mysteriously broken down, the upstairs temperature control was busted, and a team of professional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialists were on the property. Oops.

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