These noises are a problem

When I was younger, I was having a hard time settling on a major to pursue in college. I couldn’t settle on a field of study that would keep my attention for four years, let alone six months! At the advice of my dad, I instead chose to pursue training in a skilled trade. I didn’t want to do something that would leave me working for 12 hours a day, nor did I want to do a job that required me to be outside all day. That’s when I discovered locksmithing, a terribly underrated trade that few people genuinely appreciate. My training went by fairly quick, and I found the skill to be far more involved than I thought! More importantly, I had plenty of work to pursue in town, as I’ve found many residential homes and small businesses look to improve the security of their property. On top of that, security agencies tend to contract work out to me as a consultant to assist in projects for larger business offices or high-profile businesses, like banks. It’s awesome to see all this stuff and work with it, but I really love that I don’t have to sweat in the heat all day either! The workshop I have is kept very cool with excellent circulation every day of the year. I can’t work with sensitive locking mechanisms if the weather’s too hot or too cold, so keeping the workshop at the perfect temperature is crucial to my success as a locksmith. Two buddies pursued careers in the HVAC industry as technicians, and when I told them I was a locksmith, they were pretty envious – they spend a ton of their time outside working on outdoor units. Yes, being a locksmith is pretty nice, especially since I’ve employed custom locks for my own home!

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