These people are all friendly

My wife turned forty a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to take her to restaurant that I had heard about and she had never been too.  It was supposed be a new kind of dining experience and every recipe had chocolate in it.  I was ready to go when I heard about the chocolate martinis and chocolate covered bacon. On the night of her birthday, she came out wearing a new dress she had bought herself, and she looked dazzling.  We were really ready to have a very special evening. I’ve got to admit, that the experience was not what we expected when we walked into the restaurant. The air conditioning was so high that I felt goosebumps when we walked in.  I could have understood the frigid air conditioning had it been hot outside, but it was only in the seventies. We had to wait about fifteen minutes for our table to be readied and by then, my wife was almost blue. I said something to the waitress as we were being seated and I asked if it were possible to turn the air conditioning up a bit, or to move us to a table that didn’t have an air vent over it.  She explained that because most of the creations were made with meltable chocolate, they had to keep it cooler, so the chocolate didn’t melt. She brought us over free martinis, which were delicious, to help warm us up. The food was amazing, and the only thing we would have changed if we could have, would have been to have it a bit warmer, or to bring a jacket with us.

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