These people seem friendly

Whatever the latest workout fad, rest assured my neighbor Pam will get hooked on it.  She was into spin classes, zumba and now it’s hot yoga. When she asked me to try it, I totally misunderstood what it was, assuming hot yoga meant yoga poses that were sexy. I have never tried yoga, but was always curious. It didn’t matter if the poses were sexy or not, it might be fun after all. Come to find out, hot yoga means the temperature inside is turned up while you work out, and the heat is meant to help get the toxins out of your body. The temperature is cranked up above 85 degrees while you do a series of poses. Apparently the heating helps you stretch and relax better, but not for me. I hated it. I don’t really understand yoga either. Why would you just stretch and hold poses when you could do some cardio? I like getting my heart pumping and a good sweat on. I like feeling as if I’m accomplishing something when I exercise. I don’t like that hot yoga fakes a great workout. The heat does all the work, making you slick with sweat. Afterwards you feel like you worked out harder than you did because of how much you’ve sweat. It is all fake though. You did not create the sweat, the heat did. There is no talking to Pam about this, she is loving that yoga class. I tried to explain to her that she could literally do it for free at home in front of the space heater. Apparently it wouldn’t be the same.

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