Things are seeming possible

I have typically enjoyed going to the theater to see the motion pictures. When I was a little gal, Susan would come, grab me on the weekends and take me to see the newest motion picture. It was great time that Susan and I had just shared with each other. I really enjoyed seeing a lot of the new motion pictures. Susan and I did typically see romance movies that no man would ever see, and Susan and I typically had a lot of fun. My friend Susan would take me out to eat cake afterwards, and Susan and I always tried a new flavor. No matter kind we ordered, Susan and I ate it. I had to make myself try a bite. I had to eat love cake, carrot cake, and coconut cake. All of those were super tasty. As an older gal, I still love going o the motion pictures over the weekend. Susan and I still visit the same theater each weekend. Last weekend, Susan and I were ready to go see the current romance motion picture. It was chilly though, and the snow was just starting to fall. Susan looked at me and asked if we just wanted to stay in and rent a motion picture. It was not good outside, and staying  in the home seemed as if a superb idea. Susan and I made a cozy fire in the fireplace, and completed making our own cake for the night and movie watching. The fireplace was going, and the house felt really hot and relaxing. When the fireplace started to quit, we ate our cake.

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