This is a long wait

When I first started up my heater for the winter season at the end of October, I should have instantly contacted an HVAC professional. The HVAC unit made a terrible squeaking sound, blew a tremendous amount of dust, and gave the air a burnt smell. I hoped that there was simply a bit of dust settled into the unit that would work itself out.  Over the next two weeks, the performance of the heating system just went down. The heating system was unable to keep up with the heavy workload imposed by cold weather. I kept raising the control device setting, but was still forced to bundle up in jackets and pants to make myself comfortable. The heater was barely operational, and the noise from the HVAC unit got so loud that it continually woke myself and others up in the middle of the night. I finally contacted a professional HVAC supplier because of the high cost of my weekly heating bill. I was paying a fortune, but wasn’t getting the benefits. The HVAC supplier took the heating system apart then cleaned the debris accumulated within the equipment. It is a wonder that the heating system had not overheated or just completely quit on me in the past month. The HVAC supplier told me that I should call for repair service every autumn to ensure that the HVAC unit is running at its peak. I now realize that routine HVAC maintenance might end up saving me money in the long run, and I wish this was something I had realized earlier.

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