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There is something about getting a new home that brings out the designer in us.  I knew what I wanted when we finally bought the house, and I wanted to have it in before we moved into the house.  My husband likes to rebuild cars, so he wanted to have his garage and workshop rebuilt before we made the move. He knew exactly what he wanted as far as HVAC goes, but I was kind of on the fence.  I knew that I wanted a yoga studio, and I wanted to have it built right off our bedroom on the second floor. I wanted it to be like a sunroom, so I had the view of the neighborhood and the skies as I exercised.  I knew there could be a problem with keeping it cool enough because of all of the windows, but I was hoping our contractor could help us with that. When we talked to the contractor, he told me that he had it all figured out.  He was going to install windows that opened from the top and the bottom. He explained that the cooler air would come in from the bottom, and as the heat rose, the cold air would force the warm air out the window. We would have all the ventilation we needed.  Since I wanted the sunroom attached to the bedroom, he said he could just use the air vent from the bedroom and have the air conditioning going into the bedroom and the sunroom. I would just be able to turn off the air vent, when the sunroom wasn’t in use.