This is going nowhere

My husband and I had never been to a bed and breakfast and we decided to take a holiday last year.  We headed down south last summer, and set up a night in a beachside bed and breakfast. I had found it online, and it was absolutely stunning.  It was a two-story gabled home that had a Victorian feel to it. There was ivy on the wrap-around porch, and it was surrounded by Magnolia trees.  The porch was completely shaded, and it looked like the kind of home that I could move into and live forever. When we arrived at the B&B, it was just as stunning as it looked, until we got inside.  There wasn’t any air conditioning in the building. I would have thought that since it was opened for visitors, they would have some kind of air conditioning. We were in the south, and I would have thought that everybody had air conditioning.  The owner told us that she wanted to keep the building as original as possible, and there was never any air conditioning in the home, and she wasn’t going to change that. I was ready to leave, but we had given a non-refundable deposit that I didn’t want to leave behind.  It was truly a miserable night, and I almost woke up my husband to ask if we could leave, or go to town and buy a portable air conditioning. Instead, we left as soon as we could in the morning, so we could turn on the air conditioning in our car.

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