This is how you work together as a team

I’ve always loved baking. When I was in highschool, I took my first classon baking plus sewing. I enjoyed every moment of the class. Eventually, I got a degree in homemaking from the religious college. Technically, they call it event planning, however the two of us all believe it means to prepare us to be mothers plus wives. Boys weren’t even provided the class in their curriculum, so not to confuse gender roles. I’ve l acquired how to bake straight-forward popcorn like rice krispy treats plus brownies. I’ve also l acquired a few tricky desserts like creme brulee, bananas foster, plus hot vanilla pudding. Last weekend, my spouse was entertaining some fellows for the big game. I made all of the best treats like tacos, numerous dips, plus lots of sweets. HAlfway through the game, I was making fried catfish. The vent over the stove stopped toiling. I called my spouse to repair the ventilation, but she was too busy. The room was filling with the stench of fried fish plus tacos. It was pretty gross. When my spouse walked into the entryway, I explained the concern with the ventilation system. She seemed frustrated, like it was my fault that the vent stopped toiling. She waited until all the people left, plus tried to repair the vent on her own. Since the ventilation plan wasn’t toiling at all, the two of us had to call a local Heating plus A/C business. My spouse was mad, however the two of us needed the ventilations to work over the range. I cook several meals plus a dessert on this stove, every single morning. I don’t want tomorrow morning’s french toast to smell like tonight’s fried catfish.

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