This is my general plan

Buying a new house was really exciting for my wife and I.  We were so happy to get out of our stuffy apartment, and before we moved in, we had a few additions we wanted to make.  I wanted to have my own workshop out back in the yard. My wife wanted to added a second story sunroom so she could use it for her yoga.  I was thinking about the sunroom and I pictured a kind of hot house, so I talked to the contractor. He said that the sunroom needed to have ventilation.  I knew we couldn’t add any ductwork, because of the walls and ceiling being all glass. He told me that he would put in windows that opened at both the top and the bottoms.  As the cooler air was pulled in through the bottom window, the hot air was forced out of the window. That was a smart idea to provide the ventilation that was needed. I was pretty sure my wife would be pleased with this.  I supposed we could always go out and purchase a portable air conditioner if it became necessary. After talking to the contractor about the ventilation system for the sunroom, I was anxious to get his ideas on what he could do for a workshop for me.  I was thinking along the lines of being able to install one of those mini split HVAC systems. It seemed like an ideal place for the mini split, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the added expense of installing ductwork and a bunch of air vents which only take up more space.

heating and cooling