This is my safe space

The heat has been unbearable this season. It’s only the middle of July, but the outdoor temperatures have been going up in the nineties already. If it wasn’t for the random rain and thunderstorms, we’d never get a break from the heat. The rain always cools down the temperature and provides some relief from the heat.  Last week, the temperature rose to 96 degrees by lunchtime. We noticed that our air conditioner in the family room was not keeping the room cool, and then it quit working. There was no way that my husband and I could afford a new air conditioner. We searched online, sent out emails, typed text messages and left voicemails, hoping to find a used air conditioning window unit. It seemed that most people were asking brand new prices for used and pre-owned units. Finally, I found an air conditioner for sale that was 1200 BTU, but it was over 30 miles away from our home. The A/C unit was half the price of a new one, and it seemed like it was a bargain. We decided that we were willing to take a road trip to check out the air conditioner unit. We sent a query online and waited for a response. We were hoping that it was still available. Within a few hours, someone reached out to us and let us know that the air conditioner was still available. We picked it up, brought it home and plugged it in. The air conditioner works perfectly and cools our family room down quickly.

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