This is my true dream

Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s pretty hard to explain the series of events that seem to happen that drive our lives in a certain direction. Some say that things are simply coincidental but I really think that greater forces control them. Take how I met my husband for instance, he got divorced and in financial trouble, moved into the apartment just below my best friend. She told me about him often, and asked me to attend a BBQ he was throwing one day. My friend felt weird going alone so I decided to tag along. From that moment on, I was in a brand new, amazingly relationship. The same thing can be said for the house we just obtained together – thank God we happened to see the place on a really rainy afternoon. Otherwise we never would have known about the need for changes to the HVAC equipment throughout the house, but we were desperately searching for a new house together, and found on finally that we felt was just about perfect. Our agent was out of town and we decided to check out an open house that we saw.  It was on a dark and gloomy afternoon, when the air was really hot and muggy. This wound up working to our advantage, as the house was severely affected by the external air conditions in many ways. For starters, the upper level was ridiculously hot and humid, this let us know that we needed to worry about upgrading the HVAC system. Then when we got to the basement there was a definite problem with moisture. Even the carpet felt damp and we knew that if we purchased the house we would need to add a serious dehumidifier. We happened on the house by chance and just know that it was meant to be.

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