This is not as modern as I thought it’d be

My cousin purchased a home recently.  He came across a real steal, when the old owners were moving into a retirement home, and the family didn’t want anything that was in the house. He got the furniture and all of the drapery. There was even bedding, which I mentioned he should sanitize well, as well as the dishes. It is a lovely home, and his wife fell in love with the living room suite. She told me that there was a bathroom attached to the living room, however there was no sink or bathing area. She asked about washing hands, and I told her maybe they were too outdated to remember that part. She looked ill when I said that, but they went right out and got a sink, stand, and I volunteered my hubby to help them install it. I couldn’t believe the find they got. The furniture is so stunning. It is a mix of Old World and Contemporary. There is custom upholstery on the sofa and the loveseat. The craftsmanship that went into the upholstery was magnificent. The corner cabinet looked to be handmade, and it was ornate with scrollwork along the window door, and the hardware was stunning. When they told me about this house, I was kind of skeptical, I have to admit, however it is a really beautiful house. They are lucky to have found it.  Now, all they need to do is finish that bathroom, and get a sink and shower in there. Maybe they will choose something sleek or modern. I am partial to nickel plating plus porcelain, but they don’t like that idea.

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