This is not enough for me

I made a bid for a home around 8 weeks ago plus the man said okay to it! So, now for the first time ever I am under law for a big home purchase. The man that I am finally working with told me  that I get a whole home inspection, including an Heating, Ventilation & A/C inspection for free of charge. Heating, Ventilation & A/C is 1 of the most expensive items in the home, so it makes clear sense to make sure the a/c, furnace system, plus ventilation are in finally working order before you say yes to buying a home. The crew of us just go the results this week, plus needless to tell you, I am truly at a loss! The write-up from the dealer says that the a/c is effective, however oozing freon from the air handler in the attic. The air handler is also considered “ineffective” plus “broken down.” The outdoor device of the a/c is running okay. The owner of the beach home states that the cooling system was just looked at plus that the refrigerant has been recently taken out and replaced; however, the component is truly quite a bit older. It might have a tear in it though plus I am nervous that the owner isn’t being totally real with me. I guess I need to find out yes or no if the leakage is significant enough.  The next thing that I want is to buy a whole home plus then have to immediately upgrade the entire a/c.