This is not what I like

My favorite meal is the fish that I get at a local diner. It’s always cooked to perfection, and their fresh sides are amazing! I try not to go there too often because it’s usually pretty costly, so I limit my visits to one per week. yesterday when I went out there though, I was pretty disappointed with my whole experience. After I was seated in the beautiful dining section I began to notice that it was warmer than it usual it felt. When I mentioned the temperature to the waiter, he somberly told myself and others that the cooling system had been acting up for a while and that they were waiting on the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to finally come out for the repair. I actually wished that I had known that was the case before going because I could have put my visit off a couple of days. Still, after that news I decided to stay since I had already been seated. While waiting there on my order, I noticed that other people were also bothered by the entire lack of a cooling system. When my fish finally came out, it was evident that the chef wasn’t feeling his best that night either. It was overdone, and it didn’t taste anywhere as fine as it normally did. It seems that A/C problems regularly can impact not only how comfortable the clients are at an expensive diner, however the performance of the staff members as well. I actually hope that they hurriedly got that issue taken care of because I left feeling so disappointed that night. I’d care about to go back there again in a few weeks, and I’m hoping that the experience is far better when I do.

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