This is so exciting

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking a break at work and I was getting a cup of coffee.  I was sitting in the break room, just relaxing for a bit, when I heard someone yell the word ‘fire’.  I’ve got to admit that I was startled, but we have a couple of people who like to play tricks on others, so I can’t of ignored the warning sound.  When I saw people scampering, I went to see what was happening. There was a space heater sitting by my coworkers desk, and it was smoking with small flames beginning to leap out.  I almost tackled him when I realized he was going to toss his coffee onto the flames. I pointed out to him that it was plugged in and the possibility of him being electrocuted. This seemed to be in slow motion, but it happened quickly.  A couple of coworkers had already left the room, and the manager was rushing in with a fire extinguisher. Within five minutes the fire was doused and he had ordered everyone to go home until the next day. The kerosene in the heater had caused black smoke to linger in the air, and the fire extinguisher had put white dusty foam on everything.  The next day, we got back to work, and I was surprised to see that everything was clean, and because of the ventilation system, there was only a hint of smoke still lingering. We all received emails telling us that space heaters were no longer allowed in the office.

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