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Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s pretty hard to explain things like the coincidental and unlikely way that I met my husband. He got divorced and in financial desperation, moved into the apartment unit below my best friend. She told me about him often, and asked me to attend a BBQ he was throwing one day so she didn’t have to go alone. BOOM! After that, I was in a brand new, amazingly cohesive relationship. The same thing can be said for the house we just bought together – thank god we happened to view the house on a particularly rainy day. Otherwise we never would have known about the need for more HVAC equipment throughout the house. You see, we were desperately searching for a new home together, and found one that looked utterly fantastic… right as our realtor went on vacation. We happened to secure a showing for the property on a dark and gloomy day, when the air was hot and muggy. This wound up working to our advantage, as the home was definitely affected by the external air conditions in important ways. For starters, the upper level was ridiculously hot and humid, indicating that we needed to worry about a new AC condenser or additional AC window units. Further, the lower level was very cool and moist, and the muggy air seemed to have settled into the carpeting. The musty smell of mildew and mold let us know that we should plan on buying dehumidifying systems, and maybe even an air purifier. If we had viewed the home any other day, we never would have been able to factor these HVAC expenses into our offer!

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