This system makes a lot of sense

This particular string of weather has left me in a tailspin. First, the people I was with and I had a pretty chilly snap a few months ago, followed by an crazy heatwave without warning – all within multiple weeks. As a result, the hoses connecting my radiator coils straight to the air conditioner component over-stretched and tore apart on their own, leaving me with no cool air in my car. Then, this past week, the people I was with and I also had a hailstorm for the first time in years. This really wasn’t just a few moments of gumball-sized hail. This was particularly thick and heavy hail, coming down in sizes larger than hockey balls! I’d consistently heard for myself that hail can come down with enough force to make some small dents in cars, but this hail came down with a passion. I was in my apartment, safely watching from my window as the balls of ice struck the ground like thick frozen eggs. That’s when I heard a loud crash just feet away from me. Startled, I happened to have turned just in time to see my window component fall out of the window! I screamed loud out of panic, running suddenly to try and grab the component by its faceplate desperately. Sadly, I was too slow, and all I could do was watch the component fall to the ground multiple stories down and smash apart on the sidewalk. Not only was I now out an air conditioner unit, but there was no way I could even risk the danger to go outside to scrub up the mess and try to recover it. I kicked myself for the error over and over for neglecting to respectfully secure the component in the window frame, as I’ve also had multiple visitors to my place tell me how important it is to certainly make sure the component can’t budge. Needless to say, I was more than a little aggravated over the entire situation, and it took another half hour at least until the hail stopped coming down. As I went outside to option up the pieces of my new, once-pristine air conditioner unit, all I could guess about was having to buy another AC window unit. I was going to make truly particular it was installed sturdily  this go ‘round!

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