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My brother was about 17 years old, when his school guidance counselor sat down with him to talk about the type of career he would pursue in the future. My brother had not settled on any type of career, but he regularly knew that he did not want to attend multiple years of college classes. The guidance counselor sat down with my brother and genuinely gave him a few different options. Some of those options were places like contractors or locksmith offices. I decided to go with a locksmith craft, which genuinely turned into a huge success. My best friend decided to take another road, plus regularly attended classes to become a heating + A/C component repair technician. We both attended our classes for multiple weeks, until January obtaining our certification in our respected profession. We genuinely have a lot of perks that come along with working in these respected Fields. Whenever I have trouble with my heating + A/C component, I genuinely expect to count on my friend for multiple help. My best friend also counts on me to help out when there are some problems with security systems or lock-picking. Both of us have regularly learned to turn our skills into a way to make money. It’s true that you don’t have to go to college to have a grand career, as long as you choose something that will make you happy like the heating + A/C career or the locksmithing career. Either one of these careers would definitely lead a person to a fulfilling life, full of options.