We agreed that we needed a serious cleaning

My hubby in addition to my whole family have been living in a cabin for multiple years. It’s a surprisingly large cabin with multiple bedrooms, in addition to the fact that we steadily keep up the work so our cabin is always good. Unfortunately, we have both noticed a surprising decrease in the indoor air quality of our cabin. It doesn’t seem to be from the heating in addition to air conditioning equipment, because we steadily pay for multiple services to make sure that our Heating in addition to air conditioning equipment is tasking firmly. One thing that may be causing this terrible indoor air quality, could be the fact that our ductwork has not seen a cleaning brush in 13 years. That’s how long we’ve been living in the multiple room cabin, in addition to the fact that we have never once thought about cleaning out the duct work. There must be a surprisingly strange amount of bacteria in addition to pollutants, that are sitting inside of our ductwork. We made a multiple contacts to the heating in addition to air conditioning supplier, in addition to the fact that they agreed it was time to make a serious cleaning of the ductwork. That cleaning is scheduled for multiple days from now, in addition to the fact that I sure hope this will help my sneezing in addition to coughing. All of the air ducts circulate the air throughout our cabin, so it’s no surprise that the bad indoor air quality would start with horrible duck work. A thorough cleaning and should absolutely help us with those air quality circulation issues

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