We are okay with this rural area

I walked into my apartment last night and fell asleep almost immediately. My roommate and I had been drinking, but he left the bar earlier than me. He had a LOT to drink and was probably blacked out drunk when he got home. He was passed out on his bed shirtless, with one shoe on and one shoe off. This morning, however, I woke up sweating profusely. It’s summer outside and for some strange reason, the heat in my apartment was on full blast. At first, I thought the place was on fire. I woke up panicked and looking for an exit or a fire extinguisher. But then, I noticed the hot air coming out of the HVAC vents. Then I realized what had happened. My dumb drunk roommate stumbled home and somehow managed to turn the heat on instead of the air conditioning system. I looked at the thermostat and sure enough, it was set on heat mode. The apartment was a nice warm 79 degrees when I woke up. I shut off the heat and turned up the A/C. I was going to dump a bucket of water on my dumb roommate, who was still passed out , but I had a change of heart and went back to sleep. While I’m not exactly happy with my roommate’s performance, at least he did not burn the house down. I’m sure I’ve done dumber things when I was drunk before. I think I’ll let this one slide, but I’m putting a nice big note next to the thermostat that points to the button for the A/C.

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