We don’t have much energy

My husband and I wanted to spend our twentieth anniversary someplace really special.  We had been married at this lovely little B&B down south, and we wanted to relive the memory.  We found a Victorian style B&B and we checked it out. The wrap around porch was well shaded by the huge old oak trees.  There was moss and ivy hanging from the branches and it gave a feeling of the southern country. The house was situated on beach front, and it was everything we had wanted.  We invited several others to go with us and we made the reservations. I was so happy when I saw the property up front. It looked just like the pictures in the ad and I couldn’t wait to get inside.  Our friends were right with us as we walked up on the porch and signed at the beautiful scenery. We opened the door, and I almost walked back out. The air conditioning was not working and it was so hot and humid inside that I felt sick to my stomach.  I asked them when the AC would be working and the woman just smiled. She said she wanted the house to be an authentic experience and she didn’t have the air conditioning installed. How were we expected to spend the night in a B&B and not have any air conditioning.  It was ninety-five degrees outside. I said we should leave, but we had a non-refundable deposit that we had paid. We all stayed for one night, and then we moved on to a nice hotel that had perfect air conditioning.

climate control