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Living in different parts of the country can have different outcomes for how much you spent on energy consumption. I’ve lived in several different parts of the nation and experienced the different types of climates they have; the northern part of the nation has really extreme Winters while the Southern parts have boiling Summers. Out West, the other seasons seem to take the backseat to the more comfortable temperatures. The climate in California is similar to a never-ending Springtime. It’s a state of constantly moderate weather, nice breezes, and sunshine. If I had to choose which section of the country I wanted to live, I’m not sure I would be able to make a decision. Florida’s weather is filled with humidity, so there is more usage of HVAC units. The climate in Florida while in the Springtime and Summer months have temperatures varying between 72 degrees to 95 degrees or more, however having cooling air circulating through my apartment is essential… Running my air conditioning system extensively throughout the Springtime and Summer months impacts my energy bill greatly– sometimes setting my control component at 68 while in these months is not constantly helpful when trying to combat the heat. The winter months supply me with a reduction of usage for my unit, because during the Winter I’m able to dress more warmly to combat the cold. Living in the North while in the Winter has a critical impact on energy waste. The control component stays set at a cozy 72 degrees because the weather outside is a chilly 15 degrees, with two feet of snow too!

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