We need everyone happy

A hair shop is the type of Adventure that the two of us ultimately don’t look forward to on the weekends. The two of us have wives that prefer for us to genuinely keep our hair short as well as trim. The two of us have always had wives that act like this, so the two of us have chosen a fantastic guy to cut our hair each Saturday. Not only do the two of us end up with a pretty decent haircut, but our Barber also offers a hot shave and leather. There aren’t very many places left around here that still offer that kind of service with a smile. A few weeks ago, the two of us tried to make our normal monthly appointment, as well as found out that our Barber was definitely going away for multiple days in that month. The two of us knew that meant going to one of the retail shops in town, for our next haircut. The two of us did our best to keep our wife off our back, but she made us go to one of those type of Supercuts place. They did an awful job, and they had a poor heating, air conditioning, as well as device. It seemed to be 78° inside of the compound, as well as the air conditioning device appeared to blow warm air. After multiple attempts to get someone to adjust the heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning device, the two two of us decided to leave before our person had even finished shampooing our hair.

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