We probably waited too long

Having your hair split is actually quite an adventure, if you go to a mall location. I have an official Barber who used to work out of the basement, but she was Ill lately plus had to stop running the business. I certainly hope that she will be able to beat the illness, because she happens to be a great Barber + and actually appealing human being. She certainly deserves to live life as full as she can possibly get. Unfortunately, my hair does not stop growing long, just because the barber happens to be sick. I was left with very little choices, but going down to the barbershop at the mall for a trim. The last single one was the reason why I chose not to attend these locations. The barber’s chair and area seem to be incredibly cold. The A/C vent was located directly over my head, plus the barber certainly refuse to make any changes to the heating + A/C air vent. She was convinced that any direction of the air vent would result in her being sweaty plus gross. I can feel the sweat running down the back of my neck, plus I asked again if the A/C air vent could be adjusted. Unfortunately, there still wasn’t anything to be done. She was completely mad when I refused to allow her to finish splitting my hair. I really didn’t feel like sitting there while the A/C vent made me feel frigid and shivery. That definitely didn’t sound like the idea of a good time to me.

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