We should stay out of the cold

While I was in college, I took a job  at a local hotel. I was in the maintenance department.   I earned extra money while I taking classes. I also learned a whole bunch  about taking care of household maintenance and repairs. Working there was really good for me. I mostly had to deal with problems  with A/C units. Each room at the hotel was outfitted with its own cooling system. There were a t one of cooling units and there was always a need for some type of service. If I wasn’t changing an air filter, I was vacuuming out an air vent. If I wasn’t dealing with a condensate leak, a thermostat was broken. Keeping up with the air conditioners on the property took up 85% of my time. I would often get overwhelmed with the constant stream of A/C malfunctions, but I’m thankful that I gained so much knowledge.   I now have my own house, and I maintain my cooling equipment in tip top shape. I never call a professional for air conditioner repair or maintenance. My first hand knowledge has saved me a ton of money over the years. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever call for the help of an HVAC contractor until it’s time to replace my central cooling system altogether. When I took that part time job at the hotel I assumed it would be a way for me to keep some spending money. I ended up learning a ton of useful skills. That was a wonderful thing for me.