We took a good look at the heater

Ted Mavric is a single man and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.   He owns a big portion of land up north. He invites camper on his land during the winter season to camp each year.   Good ole Ted even used his own finances to build twenty strange shaped lodges throughout his property for the campers to stay in instead of tents.  My family and I have gone every winter during camping season for the last five years! The camp is actually a blast! There’s games, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and delicious pizzas. Ted works genuinely long and hard doing strenuous work.  He does his best to prepare his land each year for all the campers that come for their vacation during the winter season getaway. This past year, he added a new ice skating rink and a charming new game room. The first few days of camp progress without any problems and we had lots of things to do. It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that Ted ran into some complications. The cooks woke up a Tuesday morning to find the brand new mess hall with a working heating system. My spouse is an Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional.  So he agreed to take a look and troubleshoot the gas furnace, then after his examination, he asked if the gas furnace was recently purchased. Ted told him that it wasn’t however that they had just bought it pre-owned from a trusted friend; Unfortunately, the gas furnace was not in as fantastic of shape as the previous owner had ensured. This meant that a new unit needed to be bought. Everyone knew that Ted had already spent so much of his own effort and money on the camp, so the adults at the camp decided to take up a collection in order to purchase a new gas furnace! When it was installed, the mess hall had a brand new gas furnace, and the campers were able to show Ted just how much we cared about him.