We’re going to get everyone together

The other day, the people I was with and I decided to order some take out food at this nice restaurant! It’s a popular place, so we wanted to beat the crowds and order out. The whole family was ready to go, however when I went to turn on the a/c inside of our van, to my horror, the air conditioning was barely registering! I knew I would have to buy refrigerant so I could get ti running well again. It was a hot and annoying experience driving to the restaurant with the kids complaining even with the windows rolled down. I guess it could have been worse. Stopping at lights was pretty bad, because the air from outside stopped blowing. When we went in to order our dinner, all the kids were afraid I was going to leave them in the car. I absolutely wouldn’t want to leave them out there in that overheated van even with all the windows rolled down. When we went through the door of the restaurant, their air conditioning was working powerfully! It felt so nice and cool inside. When we ordered and received our food, we lingered inside the place for a little while longer, enjoying the nice coolness of the a/c before we had to go back home inside an overheated van. We certainly weren’t looking forward to that. The following day, I made sure to get that refrigerant and get the a/c in working order, then after that, there was very chilly air coming from the vents and it felt wonderful! My kids were hesitant to go for rides in the van again until I showed them the a/c was working well again.

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