We’re happy with the patio

An air conditioner is the most crucial area of any home, if you ask me. I say this not because I’m obsessed with the temperature in our house, however because I have exhausting flu symptom issues, plus our air conditioner is what allows me to keep the air quality at a high level. The most basic things that I have to do are make sure that the air filter is changed plus that the coils are cleaned regularly, however failing to do this would lead to a lot of excess dust plus dirt circulating throughout our house, plus that would trigger a lot of flu symptom issues. To take things a step further, I attached an media air cleaner to our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment a few years ago because I wanted to take an extra step to keep our air feeling good. Since I did this, I began to notice that our beach lake house was the venue where I could regularly breathe the easiest. This was a large relief for me. Someone’s lake house should regularly be the venue where they think most comfortable, plus this became the case for me when I finally got the air quality to a level that made it easy to breath without having to deal with a runny nose or scratchy eyes. The plan for the media air cleaner came to me on a recommendation from a friend, plus it was one of the best household decisions I’ve ever made. Seriously, people shouldn’t underestimate the importance of their air conditioner. It can make all the difference in how liveable a beach lake house is!

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