We’re starting to lose

I have at all times loved going to the theatre to see movies. When I was a little boy, my brother Matt would come pick myself and my friends up on the weekends plus take myself and my friends to see a new flick. It was special time that we had sometimes it was my brother and I. him and I enjoyed seeing a lot of different movies. Matt and I did not constantly see kids movies, but we always had a lot of fun.  Matt would take me out to dinner, plus we constantly went somewhere new. No matter what we had, Matt constantly made me try a bite. I had to eat squid, octopus, plus alligator tail. None of those were that tasty to me. As an older person, I still like going to the movies over the days. My girlfriend plus I visit the same theater each time. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I were ready to go see the new comedy movie. It was cold outside, plus the ice was just starting to go.My girlfriend looked at myself and others plus asked if we could just stay in plus rent a film. It was upsetting outside, plus staying  house seemed love a fantastic thought. We made a big fire in the fireplace, plus got a ton of pretzels. Matt and I ordered some food from our favorite local restaurant. The fireplace was going, plus the environment felt super sizzling plus nice. When the fireplace started to quit, my girlfriend added more wood.

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