We’re worried about the hot weather

My family has always lived in the midwest.  We still live on the family farm where my grandfather grew up.  We spend a most of our time outside working, with on eye on the ground, and one on the sky.  We live in an area that is prone to a lot of tornadoes. It hard work, and I learned a lot of valuable lessons working with my grandfather.  We didn’t have a lot of luxuries when I was growing up, and I was in my teens until we had any indoor plumbing. I remember the old furnace that sat in the middle of the living room.  There were no pipes coming from it, to lead to air vents. The heating just radiated from the furnace and heated the entire house. It was an efficient way to go, and we never complained about the cold, no matter how much the wind blew.  Summer was a different story. The heat from the sun, and not having any shade trees, just seemed to penetrate through the walls. Sometimes it felt like it was hotter inside than it was inside, and we didn’t have any air conditioning. When I got older, we all got together and we finally bought a window air conditioner for them for their anniversary.  Grandpa grumbled and said he had never had such a blasted thing, but Grandma was pleased. As much as he grumbled, you could find Grandpa on the sofa taking his nap, with the air conditioning blowing over his overheated body, and he always had a smile on his face.

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